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A Challenging Leadership Opportunity


Email us at for information on our internship program.


Our internship program is focused on Discipleship. And by “Discipleship” we do not mean another “Bible Study.” We mean life-on-life.


We want to encourage our interns with experiences that will stretch and challenge them spiritually, physically, mentally, relationally, emotionally, and in every arena God intends for them to develop.


Body, Mind, Soul


Do you want to grow? We hope you will see this time here as a window of opportunity to set important goals in all these realms. We are unashamed in expressing our desire to see you ultimately commit to stay here and serve God in this community! But even if you move on, we will provide you with a life-changing experience and a meaningful reference for your future endeavors.

We intentionally focus on a high level of accountability in your work ethic, character, relationship choices, integrity, spiritual disciplines, healthy eating, physical activity, good sleeping habits, among many other areas. With attention to mind, body, and soul, we will encourage you in your relationships with the individual (one-on-one), family (CCX), and community (McDowell County) aspects of life here.


As an intern you will learn about the history and current conditions in McDowell County. You will meet people here who have poured heart and soul into this community. You will appreciate the difficulties faced by the families who are caught in generational poverty. You will see why change is so hard to accomplish here. You will be amazed by those who have dedicated their lives to serving this community. We have high expectations of those coming here to serve, and encourage you to spend some time preparing before you come.


To prepare:


  • Read a synopsis of the history of McDowell County and Welch

  • Check out the materials on our Insight page — we highly recommend reading “When Helping Hurts” first

  • See the Hollow Interactive Documentary site

  • Watch the Coal series (reality TV)



Learn more:


Please call or email us if you are interested in an internship here so we can learn more about you and you can learn more about us. Call us at (304) 436-8300 or email us at

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