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Mission Trips

We welcome you to serve in McDowell County!

We enjoy working with small select teams year-round and encourage you to give us a call at (304) 436-8300 to discuss different possibilities for your group. 

All ages are welcome to participate in various ministry activities, including home repair, food and clothing relief, dental or medical clinics, family ministries, youth programs, community events, outreach and evangelism, prayer walks, etc. However, these ministry ideas are not the only way of showing God’s love to the people of McDowell County. We also love to work with individuals and teams who are interested in doing other ministries God has placed on their heart. Let us know your thoughts and ideas for your trip and we’ll work with you to make it happen!


Cost & Schedule


The cost for groups vary depending on length and project, and schedules are flexible.




Lodging depends on the size of the group. The mission is located in our school building in downtown Welch. Built in the 1920s, this served as the High School and Middle School in Welch until 2001. The Community Crossing (then known as McDowell Mission) acquired the facility from the city in 2003 and uses it for offices, athletics, and mission teams.

The first floor of the school has a kitchen and cafeteria. The second floor is divided into two sides, one for guys and one for gals. Each side has a bathroom, shower room, and two large bunkrooms. There is a gym available for team sports as well.

Bible Reading Challenge

We also highly encourage every team to seriously consider participating in the Bible Reading Challenge! It is a powerful experience, and you will be glad your team took the challenge.

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