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The Mac Center

At The Mac Center, we welcome girls and boys of any faith, ethnicity, or financial background in our programs. We are dedicated to providing the youth of our community an organization which instills sportsmanship, physical and mental conditioning, spiritual and emotional health, as well as building long-lasting friendships. We aim to encourage our youth in developing respect for themselves and our community by transforming our youth into athletes, athletes into champions, and setting the standard for creating "champions of life."


Our youth will learn that they will be able to walk a little taller, aim a little higher, and realize that their dreams are achievable through hard work and determination.


It is the goal of The Mac Center to maximize the potential of each participant, and build character through the structure and discipline of our sport activities. In providing a constructive alternative to anti-social behavior, such as drugs, alcohol abuse, and violence, we will be increasing the quality of life for our youth. We will strive to provide positive youth development principles through interaction with our coaching and support staff.


Ultimately, we will have a forum and platform for helping our young people become healthy, confident, moral, and socially competent adults and future role models in our community.


We are in need of equipment and funds to run effectively. Please consider donating to The Mac Center, and become part of our mission to influence the lives of our youth in a powerful way!


All donations go to support the Community Crossing ministries and operations that are not funded by the Parents as Teachers program grant.   

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