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“I am not a real people person. I don't like being around a lot of people, but when my Parent Educator comes to my house I love it. She is someone I can talk to about anything.”​


—  PAT Parent

What is “Parents as Teachers”?


The Community Crossing's primary activity and focus since 2012 is the management of the Parents as Teachers program, which is a national program funded by federal government and administered by State of West Virginia Health Division. Parents as Teachers is a voluntary parent education program utilizing Certified Parent Educators serving families of children ages 0-5 years. Currently, the PAT program has grown to become one of the largest in the state.


Parents as Teachers' Mission:


To provide all parents with research-based child development information, guidance, assistance, and family support that encourages the development of young children. Our vision is that all children will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.


Statistics show that “Parents as Teachers” parents are:


  • more involved in their children’s schooling,

  • more confident in their parenting role, and

  • read more to their children.


Statistics show that children of “Parents as Teachers” programs are:


  • significantly more advanced in language, social development, problem solving and other cognitive abilities than comparison children.

  • score higher on kindergarten readiness tests and on standardized measures of achievement in early grades.


Services provided include:


Parent educators conduct home visits to provide information about stages of development, general parenting guidance, tips on home safety, effective discipline, and constructive planned activities. Periodic monitoring and formal screening of overall development, language, hearing and vision are also offered to participating families. Parents in the program enjoy monthly group connection meetings and weekly play groups.


In addition, resource networks are provided to help families link with other local providers of special services beyond the scope of Parents as Teachers.


Download and view our brochure: PAT Brochure Families


If you live in McDowell County, are pregnant or have children up to and including five years of age, please call Karen at 304-436-8300 Extension 101 or toll free 1-888-473-9080 Extension 101.

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