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Missional Communities

This community suffers from the effects of disrespect, anger, violence, drugs, and loneliness. Loving, intact families are rare here. When people are not experiencing the love and support that they need from family and neighbors, they turn to other things to fill the void. The Community Crossing believes that one way to bring peace, health, and unity back into the community is by reintroducing simple practices that have been forgotten: family meals, sharing conversation, playing together, and being available to each other. To us, that is what Missional Communities are all about. We are intentional about dedicating time for people to come together, share a meal and connect with each other. We eat, worship, sing, pray, teach, play, and serve together.


We believe that the life of a follower of Jesus is not to be lived out alone but in community. We also feel that the community of faith is for those who are searching as well as those who are believers. One of our goals is not to hide our communities behind the walls of what we call “church” but to live it out daily in all parts of our lives.


To learn more about Missional Communities, see our Insight page with reading and video suggestions.

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