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ISSUE 1809



So what happens now?

Council of Southern Mountains hosted the second annual motorcycle run this year to

raise money for cancer research

Enters the Mountaineer Legends Society


Cornered: The Impact

Cornered, A Fighter’s Story is a documentary by J.D. Belcher. J.D. is the owner of JJN Multimedia. It’s a 57 minute film that follows 3 boxers from the Black Diamond Boxing Team located at The Community Crossing in Welch, WV. It is gritty and transparent. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a Rocky story or about boxing. It really is about life in McDowell County, West Virginia. If you have not seen it yet, make a point to do so. If your church or group wants to schedule the film in your area please let us know. We would be happy to bring it to you.

We feel it is a very impactful film for the viewers but we can only speak for ourselves as to what kind of impact it will have on our program. While watching the film we saw both the strengths and weaknesses of what we do at Black Diamond Boxing Club. We have a decent gym and a great coach. Over the years we have won more fights than we have lost. We are confident in what we do inside the ring. What we saw in the film is that we need to do more outside the ring. The challenges our kids face on a daily basis are far more difficult than what they face in the ring.
For an at-risk kid boxing is a much needed outlet and even therapy. It provides a vision, focus and discipline that is missing in their lives. There is nothing wrong with any of that provided we figure out how to bring that vision, focus and discipline into their lives outside the ring. Our motto is Be a Boxer, Be a Professional, be Both!  The reality is that most of our kids will not be professional boxers but we can work towards all of our kids learning the life skills to go on to be professional people.

Presently, we are working with the Vice-president of the USA Boxing WV Local Boxing Commission, Constance Brammer, to develop our program to benefit our boxers both inside the ring and outside the ring. We are recruiting local volunteers to become mentors so our coach can do what he does best, which is to coach. If you live locally and want to volunteer please contact The Community Crossing. 
Cornered: The Impact

Garnet Edwards


One can look back into the past and see sadness and loss, whereas others can see hard work and talent. The Mountaineer Legends Society are the latter. To receive this is the second-highest honor a WVU student-athlete can receive. Garnet Edwards, Jr. was one of few to get this achievement. As always, he is very humble about his life and gives all the credit to God and hopes to stay within God’s plans. 
Community Crossing has had the pleasure of having multiple direct interactions over the years with this McDowell County’s very own.  


Thank You Madison
Baptist Church!
What a blessing to receive a generous donation of baby items and diapers from the 
Madison Baptist Church in Boone County!
Coach Kuhn’s mother, Connie Brammer, and April Craddock run a diaper bank through their church and contacted us with a desire to share some of the resources they had been blessed with. This helps us get needed diapers to the families in our community through the Community Baby Showers we host and the families we serve on a monthly basis at The Community Crossing. We are grateful to watch the circle of giving to those in need being exemplified through the Madison Baptist Church, Madison, WV. Thank you for your generosity!
Connect, Reflect, Recharge - WV Home Visitation Regional training
Parents As Teachers, Right From the Start, MIHOW, Healthy Families America models gathered to explore topics such as: Boundaries, Self-Care, Time Management, Family Engagement with Group Events, HV Safety, Mandated Reporting. Jay presented a workshop on the Difficult Conversations model which our staff had previously studied together.  Learning is a lifelong journey, a value we embrace at The Community Crossing, and a value that reaps great benefits! 
What We're Teaching
Head of th Dragon

Head of the Dragon

The Head of the Dragon is the 4th installment that completed The Body of the Dragon. On September 15th, The Council of the Southern Mountains hosted its 2nd annual Head of the Dragon motorcycle ride. Despite the rain and the impending destruction of Hurricane Florence, 43  people registered and rode the 91 mile loop through McDowell County. The Council of the Southern Mountains sold Breakfast sandwiches, Community Crossing sold coffee, and the Chamber of Commerce sold water. In addition, there was a fundraiser for West Virginia  Kids Cancer Crusaders where people could donate money for balloons that were later released. The Council of Southern Mountains were happy to say they are excited for next years ride, and so are we!

Show family

affection to

one another

with brotherly love. Outdo one another in showing honor.

Romans 12:10

The Community Crossing not only is a faith-based ministry but a faith dependent ministry. We are very fortunate to have the Parents As Teachers grant through WV Department of Health and Human Services, however that does not cover the cost of the supportive ministry. There are many needs that families have that the grant does not cover such as diapers, wipes and even home repairs. Creating a safe environment for their family is important. Black Diamond boxing is starting its third year by hosting a boxing event next month. Black Diamond boxing’s only support comes from The Community Crossing donors. Our gym hosts various sports for members of the community. One of the greatest needs we have in our community is to reach out to those with drug and alcohol addictions, and we are developing an effective ministry to address this need. Would you prayerfully consider giving $30, $50 or $100 per month in support of these ministries?


How YOU Can Help

In case you missed it...

At the last showing in Princeton WV of Cornered: A Fighter’s Story. It’s a film about McDowell, for McDowell County created by a local who wanted to share his perspective of this place, and share the stories of a few who live here. It’s about boxing, but it’s also about never giving up, in any area of life. “It’s ok to get mad, cry, yell, scream.... it’s not ok to quit.” -Coach Scott Kuhn #nevergiveup #lifeisafight #corneredafightersstory

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