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The easiest way to explain it is...

Making it one of the top performing home visiting affiliates within the international Parents as Teachers network

Team CCX competed in its very first pickleball tournament 


What is Pickleball?

The number one question we get when we mention pickleball is, what is pickleball? The easiest way to explain is, if ping pong and tennis had a baby, it would be pickleball. The second question we get is when we tell them it’s the fastest growing sport in America and Europe is, are you serious?

For those of us who have tried it, it’s extremely fun and addicting. For those who continue to play it is very challenging. A pickleball court is almost a fourth of a tennis court. It can be played as a singles game of doubles. We prefer the doubles game. 

So you are wondering why an article about pickleball? Glad you asked. We have 3 challenges in McDowell County.
  1.  Lack of exercise
  2.  Lack of community
  3.  Lack of purpose
We believe pickleball addresses all three. Pickleball is a gateway to a healthy lifestyle. It’s a rare sport in that you can start playing while you work out other healthy choices. It’s a great sport for all ages and abilities. 

Recently we played in a tournament at Picklebilly Heaven Pickleball club in Bluefield, VA. We had a wonderful time. The best part was being with a great group of people with a common love of the sport. To them it’s more than a sport it is a community.

We look forward to our next game but in the meantime there’s YouTube. We can watch tournament games and instruction videos so we can improve our game. There are 2 ways to know somebody is serious about pickleball.  One, they buy a nice paddle and two, they watch YouTube Videos. Recently, Mike Day, City of Welch Council member and an employee of MCNB Banks, not only bought a paddle for himself but for his wife, Kathy, as well. 

We are in the beginning stages of forming MacD Pickleball. CCX, WVU Extention and Council of Southern Mountains are working together to bring pickleball to McDowell County. Our hope is to build a state of the art facility and to build a larger and healthier community.
What is Pickleball?

Picklebilly Heaven Challenge

Picklebilly Heaven Challenge

Team CCX competed in its very first pickleball tournament on October 21st. Hosted by Picklebilly Heaven Pickleball Club in Bluefield, WV. Six women’s teams, 7 men’s teams and 12 mixed double’s teams came to compete. Team CCX had Karen Wilson and Donna Ludwinski compete in the women’s division. Unfortunately they lost in the semi-finals. Kyler Wilson and Jay Wilson won every game they played and finished in first place. In the mixed division it got real interesting as Kyler Wilson and Karen Wilson, seed number one, faced Jay Wilson and Donna Ludwinski, seeded number two, for the championship. It was a very close match with Jay and Donna scoring the upset to earn the mixed doubles championship. Kyler and Karen came in 2nd. Great job teams, you represented CCX, Welch and McDowell County well.



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Nights of Fun at the Library
Kyler and Lesa began a tabletop game club at the local library every other week. Starting in November they are hosting every week and are hoping to get the word out and invite as many people from the community as possible! Starting November 7th they will be hosting every Wednesday upstairs at McDowell Public Library. We hope you can make it and bring a friend! It's all about enjoying the game, and each other.
Visit Welch Public Library on Facebook
or Follow WTGC on Instagram for
details and to show them
your support!
Another Blessing!
Kyler and Lesa Wilson are beyond happy to announce the new addition to their family is expected to arrive this spring! Prayers are
very appreciated for their whole family
as they get ready for this precious
new life. 
Awarded Blue Ribbon!




The Community Crossing RECEIVES NATIONAL RECOGNITION AS A BLUE RIBBON AFFILIATE in McDowell County, WV.  Endorsed Sites Demonstrate High Quality Implementation of Evidence-Based Home Visiting, The Community Crossing Parents As Teachers program earned a prestigious endorsement by Parents as Teachers National Center as a Blue Ribbon Affiliate, making it one of the top performing home visiting affiliates within the international Parents as Teachers network. The official designation was made on October 1, 2018.

Being named a Blue Ribbon Affiliate affirms that The Community Crossing] is a high-quality member of the home visiting field, implementing the evidence-based Parents as Teachers model with fidelity. Families in the McDowell County community are positively impacted by the services delivered by this program, which include home visits, group connections, child screening and connections to community resources, equipping parents with knowledge and resources to prepare their children for a stronger start in life and greater success in school.
To earn Blue Ribbon Affiliate status, The Community Crossing underwent a rigorous self -study and National Center review process to confirm that they are meeting Parents as Teachers’ standards of fidelity and quality. Blue Ribbon Affiliates are exemplary programs, delivering highest quality services to children and families. Implementation with quality and fidelity is vital in home-visiting programs as it determines a program’s effectiveness in accomplishing its original goals and intended outcomes. It also verifies that a program is being implemented as designed. Parents as Teachers rigorous endorsement process demonstrates an affiliate’s accountability and credibility to the community, its funders, elected officials and the partner organizations with which they work.

The Community Crossing has been delivering Parents As Teachers services since 2011 in McDowell County. Parents as Teachers builds strong communities, thriving families and children that are healthy, safe and ready to learn by matching parents and caregivers with trained professionals during a child’s earliest years in life, from pregnancy through kindergarten. Parents as Teachers internationally recognized evidence-based home visiting model is backed by 35 years of research-proven outcomes for children and families and currently serves 121,000 families in 50 U.S. states, 115 Tribal organizations, five other countries and one U.S. territory. Parents as Teachers is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Parents as Teachers affiliates operate in various settings, including health departments, hospitals, schools, faith-based and non-profit organizations. For more information, contact

The Community Crossing at (304) 436-8300 ext 3.

Great job Kasondra, Kat, Shannon, Caitlyn, and Karen!
Here's a look at our recent Community Baby Shower. Staff and local agency partners shared resources, education and gifts with parents  who attended.
They did not go home empty handed!

Meeting Goals!

We are so excited for Christina Pendry. She is one of the mothers in the PAT program and has worked extremely hard to complete her GED.  She recently passed her GED classes and will have an official graduation sometime in 2019.  She has also worked with her parent educator to reach additional goals for herself and family.  She is working toward her drivers license and will be enrolling in the LPN program program this coming semester.  Christina's husband Grayson has been a huge support to her during this time.  She is a great example of how you can raise a family and still strive to reach your goals and dreams.  Great job Christina we are so proud of you! 

Also congratulations to Brylee who turned Five and graduated the Parents as Teachers program!

We are so excited to announce the marriages of: