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ISSUE 1802



Patchwork of Grace

& Salt and Light

Donations made by hand,

and our dear friend Mary 

delivered new toilets!

A Vision Realized

Feeding the


Working with Board of 

Education to provide

food for children


A Vision Realized

Dream Teams: A Vision is Born!

The concept of Alpha/Omega Teams was conceived sometime in the past 17 years. Little did we know it would take a perfect storm of events in 2018 to see God demonstrate the concept in a powerful way and bring the idea to full fruition.

One of our faithful teams who come at least twice a year scheduled a trip for the third weekend of January. In December we had a tragic situation occur--one of the mothers in the Parents as Teachers program was killed. Her children were temporarily housed with their grandparents. Unfortunately, their home did not pass inspection by the social worker. They were given 30 days to make their home safe or the children would most likely be split up and placed in foster care.

At this point we were relieved that we had this incredible group of 8-10 skilled men coming 3 weeks before the deadline. Then the flu struck. The day before the team was to arrive their numbers had dropped to 3 and the leader was so sick they had to cancel. We tried to reschedule before the deadline but we could not work it out. The project was bigger than we could handle. I reached out to 4 different people and groups. All 4 responded that they wanted to help. By divine appointment the team that had already worked with this family twice in the past stepped up to the plate and quite frankly hit the ball out of the park, past the parking lot! 

The Alpha/Omega Team concept was born. We have always called this team Vince’s Team but we might need to call it Erin’s Team. Erin and the rest of the team worked quickly and passionately to respond to the urgent need. From a distance, our staff worked with them on a construction plan. They raised the money and exceeded the construction cost so there is a fund to help the family going forward. Miraculously, they arrived at the house 10 days later! The first day was ridiculously cold, the axle on our trailer broke, a couple of key team members were sick yet they came any way and went to work. After two long cold days the work was done and with the threat of more bad weather they drove back home. 

Our second Alpha/Omega Team ended up being the team that could not come in January! Spirit of Joy has been a huge support to us going back 17 years. Another family had suffered a great loss with the death of their 10 year old son. The mother was 8 months pregnant at the time. She gave birth five days before the team arrived. The urgent need was that the bathroom floor was rotting out and the toilet and hot water tank were in danger of falling into the crawlspace. While working on the bathroom the team discovered that they had a room they could not use because the roof and ceiling were caving in. The team went to work and were successful on both rooms. We had a great lasagna dinner together on Saturday night and the team returned home Sunday.

On March 4th we are going to our sending church,  Mainstreet Church in Walbridge, Ohio. Our hope is to add 2 more Alpha/Omega teams to the mix. God has shown us the proof-of-concept and we now have the model where short-term missions in partnership with long-term missions work together to ultimately realize eternal benefits. Moving from fee-based experiences to fully invested ministry is what God started laying out for us 17 years ago and He has brought it to life this year! Praise God!

Read more on our blog about Alpha Omega Teams here!

A Beautiful Partnership

Alpha Omega Team #1

Alpha Omega Team #2

Feedin the Future


Feeding the Future

McDowell County Schools (MCS) provides over 365 weekend meal bags each week to students who have been identified by classroom teachers and administrators as having a need. The meal bags are packed with items children can prepare themselves with little or no adult supervision such as tuna kits, soups, macaroni and cheese, fruit snacks, drinks, etc. The school district asks community volunteers to assist with bagging the meal bags each week. The bags are sent home with students every Friday and before holiday breaks. This is the fourth year MCS has provided the meal bags to students. The district leaders continuously search for funding to sustain the program. Thanks to a sizable contribution from Reconnecting McDowell and a grant from the USDA, MCS provides bags for 10% of each schools population this school year.


The school district is currently seeking funding to ensure the program provides bags to FEED MCDOWELLS FUTURE for the 2018-2019 school year. If you would like more information on the program please contact  Amanda Fragile, Title I and PreK Director at 

Thank You Pipez!

They saw a need, filled it, and then some.

 Thank You Patchwork of Grace and Salt and Light Sunday School Class!

 First Baptist Church of Melbourne, FL sent hand made items, and Amazon donations!


The Community Crossing can do so much more with your help. We are very fortunate to have the Parents As Teachers grant through WV DHHS, however the grant does not cover the cost of our key supportive ministries: 

  • Home repairs to ensure children have a safe environment

  • Black Diamond boxing club to encourage fitness and discipline in youth

  • Men's basketball and other community sports for all ages

  • Support and resources for entrepreneurs in our county

  • Healing for drug and alcohol addiction - please pray for the new ministry launched

  • CCX Missional Magazine covering McDowell County in monthly issues

Would you prayerfully consider giving

$30, $50 or $100 per month

in support of Community Crossing?

How YOU Can Help

In case you missed it...

We wanted to thank Patchwork of Grace who inspired us with their hand made gifts! We invite and hope to inspire you to think creatively about donating! #giveyourgiftccx How can you share your time or talent this year?

Dinner with Spirit of Joy after a work filled weekend. We are truly thankful for their dedication and care for the families in need! #workisworship #fullbelliesfullhearts

There was some severe rain this last month which meant some flooding for the area. At the Community Crossing (old school building) Kyler and Lesa tried to find where the leaking was coming from all while taking photos and admiring the view! #birdseyeview #rainydays

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