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Why We Raise Support

As difficult as it is to raise support, we recognize that full-time ministry requires full-time support. Serving on the mission field “after hours” as part-time missionaries is possible, but even more difficult. We understand the pros and cons of dividing our focus on trying to earn income here while ministering to this needy community.

Truly, we desire with all of our hearts to use all of our time to advance the Kingdom because the time is short!

Here are the top 7 reasons:

1. Some missionaries raise financial support through the biblical concept of tent-making. Naturally, tent-making is very time-consuming, and the focus on the ministry can be challenging. Supporting missionaries who work full-time in ministry prevents any conflict of interest with regard to tent-making activities and support-raising.

2. God uses the ongoing communications with supporters to share the news of what He is doing in the world.

3. Not everyone is called to be a long-term missionary, but everyone can be called to support those who minister full-time.

4. It is an incredible blessing to be obedient to God’s call on our lives which includes the call to give.

5. Support is a great encouragement to the missionary in the field. Knowing that friends and family are praying and believe in the mission work is a priceless gift.

6. Relying on support keeps the missionary focused on the mission and keeps the missionary humbly dependent on God.

7. God has placed us as missionaries in an area that suffers very high unemployment and very low income. If we were called to be tent-making missionaries here, we would most likely have to work at Walmart.

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