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Review & Renew: Vision 2016

In search of our 2016 theme, we’ve been studying our 2015 theme. Back in June of this year my nephew lost his battle with alcoholism. It’s a hideous battle in that it is disguised as fun and community. In my attempt to make sense of it, I felt God revealed that deep down we all are seeking two things and those two things must be found together. When My nephew went to church he found evidence of a Savior but he did not find community. At the bars he found evidence of community but no Savior. We are looking for and need to find the Savior and community together.

This year we started two ministries with the above in mind. The Mac Center and Lifetree Café were birthed from that theme.

The Mac Center is home to the Black Diamond Boxing Club and Team, Classical Okinawan Karate, Adult Basketball and Youth Basketball. The Boxing Team is 3-0 so far with 4-5 matches being scheduled for January. We have 15-20 males and females working out 4-5 days a week. Coach Kuhn is doing an excellent job in preparing his boxers for the ring and for life.

Sam Freeman has begun offering classes in Classical Okinawan Karate in November. He hopes to have 20 participants in January. Sam is as focused on the spiritual as he is on the physical, mental and emotional part of his students’ lives. His wife, Goldie, is starting a class for 3rd through 5th graders in the fundamentals of basketball.

Ryan Harmon, a City of Welch Police Officer, has moved his AAU Basketball Team to The Mac Center and started practicing early in December.

Kyler Wilson has built a men’s basketball program on Tuesday and Thursday nights. He has 12-18 guys a night. It is very competitive and challenging.

Much needed facility improvements are underway, as well as a campaign to raise funds for equipment and operating expenses. To support this exciting and impactful ministry please donate here!

The second ministry is Lifetree Café. Lifetree is a non-threatening, non-judgmental conversational café. Every Friday night we meet at Life and Light ministry for a conversation with friends. In a coffee house atmosphere, we show a short video and then pose a group of questions. The questions are discussed at tables set up for four people. We provide snacks and drinks and a place to become friends. The rules are simple:

You’re welcome just as you are. Your thoughts are welcome. Your doubts are welcome. We’re all in this together. God is here, ready to connect with you in a fresh way.

Lifetree Café is sponsored by four ministries. The Community Crossing, Life and Light, Mustard Seeds and Mountains, and The First Presbyterian Church of Welch. We have averaged 18 people a week with a high of 28 people one night.

We are really excited about both new ministries and the momentum that continues to build as we head into 2016. As exciting as that is, what is the theme that God has in store for the next year is that much more exciting. God is indeed here and He is connecting with us in a fresh way!

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